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Nancy is a partner in MyLifeMedia, which uses multimedia techniques to preserve family histories for future generations. Nancy has worked in communications for many years, formerly as a partner in The O’Malley Group, a creative communications agency; as United Way's senior vice president for marketing; and as a writer for various publications.  Her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s in journalism have helped her conduct thoughtful and in-depth interviews.



During the 1980s and 1990s, he worked on communications projects with the U.N. in China and the West Indies, and with NGOs in the Philippines and Russia. For eight years he was the Director of the N.W. Arctic Television Project, producing video documentaries that preserved the oral history and traditional skills of Inuit communities in Northwest Alaska.



Offices in Washington, D.C. (240-602-3825) and Texas (817-271-5135) 

Nancy O’Malley


“I would give anything to hear my lanky, stoic grandfather talk about milking cows on his Minnesota dairy farm. Perhaps my grandmother would explain why she could never bear to eat the chickens she raised for eggs. And on the other side, my Swedish grandmother, Hilma, was always the life of the party, and my short, bald grandfather was a gardener on grand estates. How priceless it would be to watch them on a video as they talked about their lives, where surely I would find a piece of myself.”

Bob Walker
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