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We recommend recording your history on video whenever possible, because it preserves the physical features, gestures, voice and unique personality traits better than any other medium. Your memories will be stored on high-quality DVDs for viewing on computer or television.  


Oral History

Listening to a recorded oral history, without the visuals of a video, can be a fascinating and intimate experience. We will help you record your personal recollections of important events and your reactions to them, all preserved on a high-quality CD.


History Book

Your memories can be captured in a written format and enhanced with photographs, letters and other memorabilia to make a fascinating historical record. The book will be hard-cover, printed on high-quality paper for a 

long-lasting and cherished collection of memories.


Photo Restoration

We can improve your old, faded, damaged photos by restoring the color, 

and repairing stains, tears and scratches. Your photos will come to life and can be used to illustrate your life story.



Offices in Washington, D.C. (240-602-3825) and Texas (817-271-5135) 


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