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How We Work


The Meet Up

First dates are usually a little awkward, but don’t worry. We’ll make it easy. Depending on your location, we can talk with you by e-mail, phone or in person to answer your questions before we begin the project.


It’s important to strategically plan the project from the very beginning, and we will help you decide whether to capture the memories of an entire lifetime, or narrow your focus to a particular topic or point in time. We’ll ask you plenty of questions to help you define what you really want to accomplish with this memorable family history. 


We will also show you options for video, oral histories and bound history books and will discuss pricing options for each product. The best products often have both narrative and graphic interest, so we will determine whether you have photographs, memorabilia and/or video for use in the finished product. 


After determining the scope of the project, the time frame and the budget, we will provide you a contract with the details we have agreed upon. 


Let’s Get to Work

We will conduct one or more interviews with questions we have agreed upon. As you answer the questions and tell your stories, we will likely ask for more detail and probe a little deeper for your feelings and insights.  Most people are a little uncomfortable at first, but after a few questions, they relax and find the experience is really enjoyable. 


The Magic 

A well-told story doesn’t ramble on and on. Rather, it is carefully crafted so the audience is carried along with the ups and downs of the tale. We will professionally edit your interview into a compelling narrative that holds the attention of your audience.


Creating a work of art takes time, so this part of the project happens behind the scenes and likely will take a few weeks to complete. 


You will have an opportunity to preview the work before it is in the final form to correct factual errors, check for spelling of names and put the final polish on the project.


We hope you will be so pleased with your personal history experience and the final product, you will tell all your friends to call My Life Media.



Offices in Washington, D.C. (240-602-3825) and Texas (817-271-5135) 

Bob Walker
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